Truck Mounted Cranes

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Updated 08/12/2019

Technical details is available as click a link below photos.

Truck mounted Cranes

        Luna 40-35 / Volvo FM 42

    The crane has a remote control also!

   Hiab XS 477E-7 HiPro / DAF CF 430

   The crane has a hydraulic jib and

   the truck has also turntable.

LOKOMO cranes

We have always different units Lokomo cranes from 20 ton to 100 ton
available and for sale!

Spare part supply to all Lokomo cranes, click spare parts above

      Lokomo A 351 NS - 36 ton

       Lokomo A 353 NR - 50 ton

Lokomo A 393 NR for parts (boom damaged)

                   Request details

     Lokomo A 395 NR - 100 ton