Lifting equipment ­– a selection of skylift vehicles and telescopic handlers

In addition to mobile cranes and crawler cranes, we offers other reliable lifting equipment: our selection also includes skylift vehicles and telescopic handlers. COTAC can provide you with all types of lifting equipment for both large and small projects – contact us and ask for more information! 

Skylift vehicles

Skylift vehicles are suited to almost any work that is done high up, both outdoors and indoors too. A broad reach and a safe, spacious cage make effective working possible almost anywhere. 


Telescopic handlers

A telescopic handler can be used for the same work as a forklift or front loader, but has a better reach thanks to its telescopic arm. 

Manitou MRT 2150 - 2008

Manitou MHT 10120 - 7000 h


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Aerial Platforms

Manitou ATJ 180 

Max working height 18.19 m
Horizontal outreach 10.51 m
Capacity 230 kg

JLG 660 SJ

Working Height: 72.2 ft / 22.02 m.
Platform Height: 65.7 ft / 20.02 m.
Platform Capacity - Restricted: 749.6 lb / 340 kg.
Platform Capacity - Unrestricted: 551.2 lb / 250 kg.
Horizontal Outreach: 57.1 ft / 17.40 m

JLG 860 SJ

Working Outreach: 23.51 m / 77.1 ft.
Working Height: 28.21 m / 92.6 ft.
Platform Height: 26.21 m / 86 ft.
Horizontal Outreach: 22.86 m / 75 ft.
Platform Capacity - Restricted: 340 kg / 749.6 lb.
Platform Capacity - Unrestricted: 230 kg / 507.1 lb.


Working Height: 21.64m.
Platform Height: 19.81m.
Max Outreach: 17.12m.
Safe Working Load (SWL): 227.00kg.