Lattice Boom Cranes

Lattice boom cranes, are well suited to even very heavy lifting, and are a sensible choice for long-term worksites. Thanks to the extra parts available for them, lattice boom cranes are suited to practically any type of work. Call us and ask for more information!

A stable and reliable crawler crane

Lattice boom cranes, are stable and reliable to use. The crane is easy to transport and assemble for use at the site within the scope of the required lifting tasks to be carried out. A crawler crane can be moved around the site, and on straight, level surfaces it can also be used for carrying and transporting objects from one place to another. 

Technical details as click a link below photos.


Truck mounted lattice boom cranes will be below after crawler cranes


Crawler Cranes

Sumitomo LS 218 RH - 80 ton Manitowoc 12000 E - 120 ton


Truck mounted lattice boom cranes

P&H 325 TC - 27 ton American 4450 - 50 ton P&H 650 ATC - 50 ton VIDEO Link Belt HC 218 - 80 ton Link Belt HC 218 A - 100 ton Manitowoc 3900 T - 140 ton Liebherr LG 1150 - 150 ton

One dismantled Demag MC 300 RQ is available. Many of elements are still complete to work and can be use as-is.

We have also various lattice boom sections for Link Belt HC 238, HC 218, Lorain MC 680 - Coles Illustrious etc.